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Stamp Auction

NOTE: $1.50 charge to cover postage and handling expenses will be added to every purchase. Multiple stock sheets or multiple covers may be charged more.  A $0.50 charge will be added for Pay Pal purchases.

Lot 7

Auction 4-7a.jpg
Auction 4-7.jpg

Lot 8

Auction 4-8.jpg
Auction 4-8a.jpg

Lot 9

Auction 4-9.jpg
Auction 4-9a.jpg
Auction 4-10.jpg
Auction 4-10a.jpg

Lot 10

Auction 4-10b.jpg
Auction 4-11.jpg
Auction 4-11a.jpg

Lot 11

Lot 12

Auction 4-12.jpg
Auction 4-12a.jpg

Lot 13

Auction 4-13.jpg
Auction 4-13a.jpg

Lot 14

Auction 4-14.jpg
Auction 4-14a..jpg

Lot 15

Auction 4-15.jpg
Auction 4-15a.jpg

Lot 17

Auction 4-17..jpg
Auction 4-17b.jpg
Auction 4-17a.jpg

Lot 20

Auction 4-20.jpg
Auction 4-20a.jpg
Auction 4-20b.jpg
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