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2018 Show Exhibits


Single-Frame Exhibits

A Survey Of Netherlands Surcharged Stamps: 1919 to 1958

Dennis Buss

Owney the Postal Dog and His First Day Covers

Stewart Chang

B+O Railroad Station Agent Postmarks

Stewart Chang


Latvia - The First Banknote Stamp and Its Overprints

Vesma Grinfelds


San Jose, California - The largest Town in the US Conquered Territory of California

Edward J Laveroni


Tasmanian Postal-Fiscal Usage 1863-1900

David McNamee


Standing on a Board

Nigel Moriarty


Second Issue of the Carlos I Stamps of Portugal -1 July 1918 to Revolution

Nigel Moriarty


Finland - Russian Area Rebellions 1919-1922

Randy Tuuri


Multi-Frame Exhibits


Stamps and Covers for all Three Areas of Postal Agencies in Mongolia

Richard Clever


Halloween Postcards

Dennis Hassler


Perfins on Tasmanian Stamps

David McNamee


Archival Material, Stamps and Usages of the l9l8-l94l lssues of Mozambique Company

Lester Wadsworth


Special Exhibits


Air Mail Philately - An Introduction (Not competitive)

Peter Barnett


What People Collect (Not competitive)

Randy Tuuri


Judges and Awards


V Akthem Al-Manaseer and Berhuz Nassre, Judges

‘ This is a juried show. Judges will determine Gold, Vermeil, Silver, Silver Bronze and Bronze. In addition there will be a Grand for the best single-frame exhibit and a Grand and  Reserve Grand for the best multi-frame exhibit. Also _ awarded will be the Club’s Albert Muller Award.

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