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Starting a stamp collection

Starting a stamp collection is pretty easy. The are many on-line stamp stores which are happy to send you stamps to start your collection. Or you might find a stamp collector's club in your area, or a stamp show in your area. Stamps are often available for new collectors from those clubs or at those shows.


Or maybe your family, and friends will save you the envelopes with stamps they receive in the mail . You may want to save the entire envelope (which stamp collectors call a "cover"), or you may want to remove the stamp from the envelope. With modern stamps (called "self-adhesive") that are peeled off a backing and then applied to the envelope it is not possible to easily remove the stamp from the envelope. If you want to save a self-adhesive stamp the best approach is to carefully cut around the stamp with a pair of scissors. Be sure not to cut into the stamp itself.

If you have found some old envelopes that have stamps you could add to your new collection, may want to soak the stamp off the envelope.  First, cut off the portion of the envelop with the stamp, then soak it in warm water for a few minutes. The stamp may just float off the paper, or you may have to carefully slide the wet stamp off the paper. Rinse it again with fresh warm water and then dry the stamp by placing it between layers of paper towels and press the towels under something heavy (a thick book or a few magazines, for example).

Here is a web site with lots more imformation.

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