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How to dispose of your stamp collection

Do you have a stamp collction you are trying to get rid of. Maybe you collected stamps as a child. Maybe you were at one time a serious stamp collector but are no longer interested and would like to get rid of your collection. Perhaps you inherited a stamp collection or accumulation stamps from a relative or friend.

You may have a pile of loose stamps (maybe in a shoe box):


or pages of neatly mountd (with stamp hinges) on album pages


You can

1. Check for stamp dealers in your area.

2. Check for stamp shows in your area and talk to dealers who are there to see if they might be interested in what you. have. Show them some pictures or take all or a portion of your collection.

3. Check on line for stamp dealers in your area.

4. Check on-line for stamp collectorss clubs in your area and go to one of their meetings.

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