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Resources for collectors

USPS announces  2020 issues 

Google is a good way to find web sites about stamps - there are hundreds. But the sites below will get you started when you are looking for information, looking for stamps, or just curious.

About stamps

Fluorescent taggants used on stamps

Stamp printing methds

About stamp collecting

Stamp Collecting Software and Resources

Western Philatelic Library

American Philatelic Society

American Topical Association

Stamp collecting clubs

Find a stamp show

eBay Stamp Collecting

Foreign Stamp Identifier

Stamp collecting terms

United States Postal Service - storeCollectiblesFirst Day Covers

Member site: All about Przedborz, Poland, and its local delivery stamps by Sam Ginsburg.  A interesting web site showing the great variety of stamp collecting interests

Exponet - virtual philatelic exhibition – is an Internet space designed for storing, exhibiting, searching and studying the electronically displayed philatelic material (exhibits).

Postal History

US Postal Bulletins and Postal Laws and Regulations

This site has a fully searchable digitized version of US Postal Bulletins and other official publications of the US Postal Service. For example, one will be able to search all these lists by any individual city and state: Post Offices Established, Post Offices Discontinued, Postmasters Commissioned, Post Office Names and Site Changes, Post Office Names Changed, Post Office Sites Changed, PO Supplied by RFD, Superseded by RFD, Were RFD, now Discontinued, RPO Service Changes, RPO Services Established, RPO Through Registered Pouches, Railroad Services Changed, Railroad Service Established, Railroad Service Established-Discontinued-Changed, Electric Car Services Established, Changes in Star Schedules, Electric Car Service Changes, Mail Messenger Services Established, Mail Messenger Services Changed, Mail Messenger Services Discontinued, Fraud Order, Special Service Changes, Special Services Discontinued, Steamboat Services, Through Registered Pouches, Inner Registered Sacks, Stations and Branches, etc, etc.

Postage stamps and postal history of Mozambique

The postal history of Mozambique begins with the Portuguese trading posts established from the beginning of the 16th century.

This is a site for stamp collectors. It provides information on the historical context of stamps issued worldwide. The site is primarily aimed at the worldwide collector.

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