Apr 15, 2018

Venezuela stamp


Edited: Apr 16, 2018


This Venezuelan stamp is not specifically identified in Scott, but is similar to Scott #128. The original issue of this stamp, with the color gray, in 1892 was intended to be used both for postage and other revenue. In 1895 the use of the stamp for either purpose was banned by decree and subsequent issues of the stamp were printed in a variety of different shades that are not specifically listed in Scott. Apparently Venezuelan stamps which were inscribed "instruccion" or "escuelas" were used for internal communication or revenue, and stamps inscribed "Correos de Venezuela" were used for foreign correspondence. "Venezuela" does not appear on stamps intended solely for internal use. The figure on the stamp , of course, is Simon Bolivar.

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  • pbarnett0
    Jun 23, 2018

    Scroll down to see the franking on this cover. Is this franking similar to a US postal meter strip or ??? See the enlargement below.
  • pbarnett0
    Apr 15, 2018

    I need some help with this stamp. Is it a postage stamp? From what country?

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